Sarah’s Perennial Pick: Echinacea

Through Friday, July 26 2019, we’re offering 25% off all Echinacea at the nursery. 

Echinaceas are native to the prairies of North America and their roots are excellent for busting up prairie clay as well as New England clay. Echinacea purpurea is the most common native and most wildly colored and shaped varieties are hybridized from this species. To support pollinators, we grow Echinacea paradoxa, with bright yellow petals, the species ‘purpurea’ known as Purple Coneflower, and Echinacea tenneseeensis with its deep rose pink petals. We also grow the “nativar” ‘White Swan’. A nativar is a cultural variant found growing within a natural grouping of the same species of plants. It is not hybridized and pollinators can derive nectar and pollen from it.

We also grow different colors and shapes of hybridized echinaceas, too. Because many of these hybrids are sterile and do not set seed, they cannot provide nectar and pollen to pollinators. While Full Circle Gardens remains committed to growing pollinator perennials, we also believe a little balance with some of these colorful hybrids is just fine.