Vermont Grown Hardy Perennials

About Us

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Full Circle Gardens opened in 2010 to help fill a niche in northern Vermont of on site grown plants hardy to our colder climate. We grow several hundred varieties of Vermont hardy perennials as well as annuals and herbs.  Here you can find vigorous perennials for rain gardens and pollinator gardens, native perennials, alpine plants, garden heirloom plants, groundcovers, woodland perennials and hardy hybrids. We also grow a huge selection of hardy sedums and sempervivums for drought areas, living walls and green roofs. For annuals, we are proud to carry a wide range of certified organic herbs and vegetable starts from the local Red Wagon Plants ; we also carry numerous varieties of fruit trees and plants from Vermont-based Elmore Roots Nursery .

Because of local zoning ordinances, we are prohibited from selling a full complement of gardening products.  That being said, we are able to put our energy into focusing on customer service and education as well as producing high quality vigorous plants.  We cater to all levels of gardeners from self-described “black thumbs” to “plant geeks”.  We offer seasonal classes on a variety of gardening topics. We grow all our plants from seed, propagation, division and tiny plugs to ensure northern climate hardiness. The only finished products we buy in are Red Wagon Plants of Hinesburg, Vermont’s certified organic vegetable starts, herbs and annuals.  Their high quality plants are a natural complement to our perennials.

Located in a rural area of Essex, Vermont, we grow our plants using sustainable practices. Our potting mixes are from Vermont Compost Company in Montpelier.  We also sell their bagged composts and potting mixes here. North Country Organics is another company we proudly support for natural fertilizers made from mineral and organic ingredients.  We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in controlling pests and diseases.  IPM uses strategies such as good sanitation, regular pest scouting and biological control practices.  Our nursery is proud to support our many pollinators in keeping them healthy and well fed.  We are an organization member of the New England Wildflower Society, and the National Wildlife Federation has certified Full Circle Gardens as a National Wildlife Sanctuary.  We compost our plant wastes and use the compost in our display gardens.

As a result, we at Full Circle Gardens were very honored to to receive the 2013 Environmental Awareness Award from the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association (VNLA).

We are very active in giving back to our community through our donations and neighbor labor to local nonprofits. Hear our underwriting for Vermont Public Radio during our open season.  Full Circle Gardens is also an active member of the VNLA and owner Sarah Salatino met the qualifications through the organization for Vermont Certified Horticulturist (VCH).

We also sell to the landscaping trade. Contact us for information.


We look forward to helping you enhance your gardening knowledge and expertise!








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