Vermont Grown Hardy Perennials

Perennial of the Week Sales!

Hey folks!

We are finally in July, and a few weeks ago we started our usual Perennial of the Week sales! Every Monday, a new perennial goes on sale for 25% off–the sale lasts through the following Sunday. So far, we’ve had veronica and achillea, and this week is delphinium! We promote these sales through our Facebook, email list (come into the shop and sign up!), and Instagram. So if you haven’t already liked/signed up/followed us, please consider doing so to get notifications of these amazing deals!

IMG_5071achillea peach seductiondelphinium

We Are OPEN!!

hosta greenhouse

Full Circle Gardens is off to a running start for the 2016 season! As always, our motto is flexibility and adaptability, and we are looking forward to sharing some new plants and varieties with our gardening friends this season!

During the last two years we have added many new native perennial varieties in addition to the wide collection of natives we already carry. “Native plants” has become the buzz phrase of gardeners these days, and for good reason. We are losing habitat at an alarming rate, which impacts the lives of  animals, insects, birds, fungi and microbes that form a complex network of relationships.

That’s why we have a wide selection of native plants from North America that are hardy to our climate here–plants that encourage and support our pollinators. We also carry the hybridized and non-native perennials you love as well; after all, it’s about being flexible and adaptable.

Opening Update!

With this week of warm weather ahead of us, a breath of spring is in the air! We are busy prepping the nursery for the arrival of the first of our baby plants, and looking forward to seeing all the colors of the season to come!

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We plan to reopen late April 2016. If you’d like to purchase Gift Certificates for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, just call us at 802-879-1919 or send us an email at info@fullcirclegardens.com.