Vermont Grown Hardy Perennials

Welcome to the 2015 Growing Season at Full Circle Gardens

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Flexibility and adaptability. With northern Vermont’s roller coaster weather patterns of late, these concepts are going to be key this season. Spring lasted a couple of days; mud season, despite the severe winter, lasted 10 minutes it seemed. With an earlier warm season we’ve been running between uncovering overwintered perennials and potting on new plants.

This season we have added many new native perennial varieties in addition to the wide collection of natives we already carry. While “native plants” has become the buzz phrase of gardeners these days, there is good reason for that. We are losing habitat at a huge rate, which impacts the lives of all the living things which it supports. Native plants are the foundation of habitats. They have co-evolved with animals, insects, birds, fungi and microbes to form a complex network of relationships.

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Over the years plants and animals have demonstrated flexibility to a changing environment and have adapted to flourish. However, as you may have observed with our monarch butterflies, our climate is changing too quickly for them to adapt. Here at Full Circle Gardens we have only seen 5 of them in the last two years. Monarchs and other pollinators such as other butterflies, bees, birds and moths need more habitats to thrive. We wondered what we could do on our end.

That’s why we have a wide selection of native plants from North America that are hardy to our climate here and encourage and support our pollinators. We also carry the hybridized and non-native perennials you love as well; after all, it’s about being flexible and adaptable.

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